Interested in Extensions?

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Extension Methods

Sew-In Method

  • Hand tied or machine weft sewn onto a beaded row in a horseshoe shape placement.

  • Most natural looking, comfortable, and least damaging.

  • Move up every 8-10 weeks at $250.

Tape-In Method

  • Can be strategically placed around the entire head to help fill in where hair is needed.

  • Ideal for shorter hair that is fine to medium density.

  • Move up every 8-10 weeks at $250.

Pricing Of The Hair

  • Cost  for extensions can vary per client and method. An accurate price quote will be best determined at your consultation. Cost of hair ranges from $300-$1,800+ 

Extension Care

  • On a daily basis  gently brush hair using a hair extension brush. 

  • Use professional grade hair products. We offer products specially designed for extension hair. 

  • Sleep on a silk pillow case.

  • Never go to sleep with wet hair. Sleep with hair in a loose pony tail or braid. 

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